Holidays and Senior Housing

The holidays are here. With the spread of COVID, things will be different this year. Many are worried about passing germs to their aging family members, mainly Grandma and Grandpa. Those that do meet this year will be in smaller groups than usual. 

With health a worry, Grandma and Grandpa may stay home for the holidays. Dining alone or joining friends via FaceTime or Zoom are options. This puts the lifestyle and housing choices available to seniors in prime focus this time of year.

SDG Senior Housing Designs in Colorado

As seniors age, many move to homes built for their age group. With the growing need, Senger Design Group (SDG) welcomed the chance to create warm and useful interiors for seniors on a tight budget. We have built some cozy and functional housing spaces for low-income seniors all across Colorado.

Northern Colorado - Senior Housing

Our first senior housing project was in Lafayette, Colorado. We worked with Boulder County Housing and Human Services to design the common areas for Josephine Commons. Josephine Commons brings 70 modern apartment-style units for low-income seniors over the age of 55.

After that, we joined again with Boulder County on the open Aspinwall at Josephine Commons Community Building. Across from the senior housing area at Josephine Commons, Aspinwall offers apartments for other low-income folks under 55.

Josephine Commons

Next up, we worked with Boulder County Housing Authority on the shared spaces for Kestrel Housing. As a low-income home for seniors, Kestrel features 71 apartment units in Louisville, Colorado.

Once complete, SDG next moved to design the vibrant Kestrel Community Center, shared by all at Kestrel Housing. The Community Center provides folks a place to read, talk, and play together. There’s even table tennis for those with a strong backhand!

Kestrel Community Center

Southern Colorado - Senior Housing

After our work in Boulder County, we designed Hatler-May Village right here in Colorado Springs. We designed all the units and common areas throughout the location. Like our other projects, Hatler-May Village brings housing for low-income seniors aged 62 and older.

From Colorado Springs to Boulder, each of our senior housing designs balances form and function on a tight budget to meet the needs of our low-income seniors.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, we face a unique holiday season. With COVID here, we are focused more on safety than ever. Especially the safety of those at-risk. We at SDG are thrilled to design even better living options for our seniors in the future. After all, Grandma and Grandpa deserve it for passing down those warm holiday traditions in the first place. At least, those not involving FaceTime or Zoom.