2017 Silver Key Holiday Drive a Hit!

Another successful year! Once again, we received far more donations than we could have ever anticipated. The 2017 Silver Key Holiday Drive was a huge success thanks to all of your incredibly generous donations!

Silver Key Senior Services picked up the donations provided by Senger Design Group and friends late last week. They delivered them back to their headquarters to immediately stockpile their pantries. We couldn’t have done it without all of you! We are so thankful for all of your generous support for such an important cause! All the best to you and yours this Holiday season from all of us at Senger Design Group!

Click here to learn more about Silver Key Senior Services or for a direct donation link.

Check out the results from our 8th Annual Silver Key Holiday Drive

Happy Holidays to you all, and thanks again for making the 2017 Silver Key Holiday Drive a hit!

9th Annual Silver Key Holiday Drive: Personal Sundries and Non-Perishable Items Needed

Personal Sundries

Regular or travel sized products are advised.

▪ Soap: bar soap, hand soap, body wash
▪ Shampoo/Conditioner
▪ Baby Powder
▪ Deodorant
▪ Toothbrushes/Toothpaste
▪ Mouthwash
▪ Emery Boards
▪ Wash Cloths
▪ Toilet Paper
▪ Kleenex
▪ Paper Towels
▪ Shaving Cream/Razors
▪ Aftershave, Cologne, Perfume
▪ Denture Adhesive or Cleaner
▪ Lotion

Non-Perishable Items

Canned goods should be 24 oz or smaller, no bulk sizes as they can be cumbersome and excessive, especially for seniors living alone.

▪ Ready-To-Eat Canned Meats
▪ Canned Fruits, Vegetables, or Juices
▪ Powdered or Condensed Milk
▪ Soups – Canned or Dry Mix
▪ Peanut Butter
▪ Jelly
▪ Crackers
▪ Granola Bars
▪ Trail Mix
▪ Instant Coffee and Tea Bags
▪ Prepackaged Beverages in Foil Packets or Foil-Lined Boxes
▪ Canned Tomato Products: paste, sauce, diced, stewed, whole, pureed, spaghetti sauce, “sloppy joe” mix
▪ Pet Food